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Roddy Piper talked Hulk Hogan today, talked about Puerto Rican's & their knives

Roddy Piper appeared on Rick Eisen’s DirecTV Audience Network talk show today. Of course talk turned to Hulk Hogan's WWE firing.

It shouldn't have.

Jeffrey Harris transcribed a lot of it.

Piper responded that he’s been fired by Vince McMahon five times, “It is an honor.” He then added that he is a family man and his son is his best friend. He then reportedly mentioned that he played bagpipes and placed fifth in the world.

Piper continued: “When I would go into Madison Square Garden, I wasn’t the most popular guy. Madison Square Garden there’s 16,000 Puerto Ricans with knives and great radios and stuff… They pick it up from L.A. …and that’s how they got it, and that’s how they knew that I was there.” He also said that when fans saw him in a kilt at MSG, they would chant homophobic slurs at him. Piper also talked about going into a Mexican restaurant that had a “gringo burger.”

Eisen reportedly tried to get things back on track and asked what was Piper’s point regarding the Hogan story. Piper responded: “That’s a good question. My point is that, boy, you guys are sensitive. Hang on. I know people who have to get up to walk five miles for water first thing in the morning. I’m just saying this literally happens to me my whole life. With Hulkster, I don’t agree with all his choices, you know what, I don’t hear people saying all the great things he does. When he was on the Wheaties’ Box, all those kids that said their prayers and took their vitamins. I don’t hear them saying that. They just want to nail this.”

He then started to rant about a little boy in jail and how Brooke Hogan’s name isn’t Brooke Hogan, and he said: “I just think it is a little… I think everybody needs to get a life. I don’t think that anybody should just go to hurt your feelings for no reason.” After that, Piper spoke about being on the board of Stand for the Silent charity.

Here's the thing. Bob worked out with Roddy Piper back in the 80s a few times at the Club in Woodbridge (NJ). (Pedro Morales is a family friend.) And he reports - that wasn't the George Toombs he knew. Worries about a health issue here.

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