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The terrifying second the cord snaps on 'The Catapult' ride in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells, WI -- A bungee cord lifting 'The Catapult' ride at Mt. Olympus Resorts Wednesday rippped -- leaving a 4 inch deep hole in the cement it smacked into.

In the basket? Trevor Larson & Carrie Sueker.

“We could tell from the expressions on our friends’ faces, friends’ and families’ faces that something had gone terribly wrong,” Sueker said.

"It was extremely loud. I didn't really know what was happening. It was a split second. That's how fast it came down,” Trevor said.

Everyone's face except the ride operator, apparently. Watch the speed with which he works to get the two out of the ride. (Filmed by Trevor's father, Dru Larson. Apparently on his home phone.)


"I just wanted to capture the moment,” Dru said. "Thank goodness the guy standing behind them didn't pull the lever to let them go. He was right there."

“It's unfortunate. Mechanical failures unfortunately do happen,” Olympus owner Nick Laskaris said.

"There's a lot of what if. It could have hit us, could have hit our friends and family nearby,” Sueker said.

"If they would have launched us and broke on the way back down, it could have killed us both,” Trevor said.

The Catapult is operated by a contractor. Mt. Olympus said it's been fixed and inspected. So step right up!

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