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9/11 rescue dog 'Bretagne' turned 16 & partied like...

This is the best story you'll read today. (And we can't stop staring at her face up there.) Sophia Rosenbaum reports:

When the Twin Towers were destroyed 14 years ago, rescue dog Bretagne was rushed to the wreckage at Ground Zero to sniff around for any signs of human life.

For two weeks, she worked grueling 12-hour shifts, aiding search efforts and comforting firefighters and police officers during her first-ever deployment as a search-and- rescue dog.

More than a decade later, the golden retriever celebrated her milestone Sweet 16 birthday. She is one of two living rescue dogs who were deployed in the Ground Zero relief efforts in 2001.

The retired pup was flown from Texas to the Big Apple with her caretaker, Denise Corliss, for a weekend of pampering.

On Aug. 21, the duo arrived in Manhattan and took a tour of their ritzy suite at 1 Hotel overlooking Central Park, one of Bretagne’s favorite spots to go for a stroll.

Read more about the hero's weekend right here.

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