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Where are all the tough guy, hard hitting NY baseball writers?

Back in July we wrote: 40 today, A-Rod just a drug fueled loser because he is and we don't forgive.

Today Phil Mushnick asks, "Do Yankees, ESPN even realize their glaring hypocrisies?"

Six months ago, the Yankees wouldn’t have sent flowers had Alex Rodriguez done management and ownership the great favor of contracting malaria.

The Yankees wanted Rodriguez to go away, stay away, and never come back. Even while some exposed as drug-infused talents could, can and will be suffered after they have been busted, Rodriguez was too expensive for the Yankees to continue to engage as per his steroid-swollen contract and advanced age.

And so the Yankees, at the time already planning to immortalize Andy Pettitte, chose to pretend to occupy the moral high ground. Pinstripe Pride disqualified them from further meeting the contract terms of the outrageously expensive drug cheat Alex Rodriguez. Commissioner Rob Manfred even said the Yankees “have a well-founded legal position.”

Remember? It was just six months ago! Front page, top-of-the-telecast daily and nightly news!

Yet now, because their ol’ pal A-Rod can still hit homers and sell tickets and merchandise, the Yankees are throwing him an all-invited party. Sept. 13, a pregame tribute to their pinstriped pal in honor of his 3,000th hit. Steroids shmeroids, water under the bridge, let bygones be bygones. Dress: casual. Bring: money, the more the merrier!

As John Sterling, often the host of such events, said of Rodriguez, “It’s not as if he murdered someone.”

Such staggering hypocrisies now arrive escorted by their secretary of state, Unaccountability.

So we ask again, Where are all the tough guy, hard hitting NY baseball writers? The ones who should have written this & that...instead leaving that job to the critic and the blogger.


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