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Here's the brilliant 'Sons of 84' "Ya Gotta Believe NYM World Series Anthem"

Here's the 'Sons of 84' "Ya Gotta Believe New York Mets World Series Anthem" you heard on B&C this A.M.



like in ‘86 I'll do what my father would do
it feels good that New York is bleeding orange and blue
the Mets are back in the groove
the cover of the daily news
World Series bound
better get your dancin shoes
the Amazins yooo
got a load of attitude
three and out...repeat
what a show, another sweep
front and center sits the big bad bullies
big bad, big bad, big bad bullies
whether starter or relief
the guys are bringing the heat
anyone in that line up can put it out in the seats
Soveneirs for all
Citi Field we on
New York New York
yeah we been here all along
ya gotta believe
deGrom, Harvey beasting
leaving opponents deceased
the 7 line in queens
could smell the success
and won't settle for less
for the fans and Mr. Met
it's our time to represent
cause I'm.....back!!!

me and my New York Mets
got a lot to stress
alotta rough years
just to be the best
built it from the bottom
just to see success
ain't nobody last
taking easy steps…uhhh
ya gotta believe
ya gotta believe
these kids outta queens
just workin toward a dream
oh Big Murph call him the Big Hurt
teamwork making the dreamwork
uhhh the Amazins are back
blazin bats, the rotation stacked
ain't nobody see it when the team collapsed
still feelin relieved that our cap is back
look into the sky
pray the pennant will rise
no surprise we alive right now
the 4 horsemen enforce the mound
we gets bizzy my city we throw down!!!

- SONS OF 84

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