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NY Mets Rap 2015 | ZEPS ft. The 7 Line Army

MC ZEPS from Brooklyn dropping Mets rhymes for the 2015 Playoffs.

Beat by: Supervillain Music (Norway/NYC)

Mixed/Mastered by: Darren Vermaas


Curtis is the first to hit
you teams ain't seen the worst of it
We gritty real head to Citi Field so u can purchase tix
As I blaze the mic to tell u that we crazy nice
that's a fact we got our captain back peace to David Wright
Stevie Matz throwing flames, like King Koopa used ta
super troopers no number 2, don't need a pooper scooper,
Lucas Duda please hit 2 home runs today doodaaahh
or maybe Kirk hits 3 again booyah booyaaah
and then Mister Canary Sleeve from Cuba Cubaaaa,
hit a homer almost every day, what I say let's play (hey!)
Take the 7 Line guaranteed a better time
you don't bleed that Orange and Blue? Oh well, nevermind
Who cares if Wilmer cried? he's proud to be a Met
Other crowds they be impressed cuz of how loud or people get
It's nutty my buddy Cuddy shows you how to be a vet
All around we see respect, on the mound we be the best
(throw heat) We getting plenty hyper, catch me in any cipher
Old school like Lenny Dykstra, my man Yoenis might just
(Flex a bit) wreckin it, Cespedes the specialist
with a powerful display of excellence it's effortless
We take it back to Hojo, on the mic like Conforto
eating good like Bartolo, swing the hammer like Thor bro
throwing mad hard from Asgard that's Odin son
chosen one with more pitching ammunition than loaded guns
tossing deep into innings to throw a full gem
but if they're tired the manager needs to pull them
then we got Reed on relief, Clippard to set up the save
Familia ends the game, straight out the bull pen
the illest catchers B, Plawecki and Travis D
calling hard strikes for the Dark Knight your majesty
rally starter Gary Carter that's one of the greats
And my homie Jake Degrominates, stunning with grace
Uribe in the locker room having fun in this place
faster than Ricky and EYJ when they're running the base
miracle maybe it's, the spirit of 86
mixed up with some crazyness and fans that really gave a whiff
Strike switch Mikes Piazza then Cameron
Juan Lagares the hardest throw you out with the canon
Daniel Murphy clutch again, crushing wins we hustling
peace to all the coaches yeah cuz every day we Teufflein
we need a lefty bat? bring in Kelly Johnson,
the bench is deep for Terry Collins he has many options
this team is hot now style like a few empanadas
you think not? I'll stop you short like I'm Ruben Tejada
loyal to the last out shout to Jon Niese
Gary Ron and Keith announce with the bomb speech
my name is ZEPS I got the best flow yes
ever since I was kid I'm screaming let's go Mets

Take back New York
Mets fans have more fun
Stay true...
Orange and blue!!!

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