'Activists' Ask LeBron James to Sit Out Games After Tamir Rice Decision With #NoJusticeNoLebron | Bob's Blitz

'Activists' Ask LeBron James to Sit Out Games After Tamir Rice Decision With #NoJusticeNoLebron

Muslim writer Tariq Touré 'created' the campaign in which he and other 'activists' ask James to stop playing until the Department of Justice "imprisons the murderers of Tamir Rice" -- the 12 year old who thought it a good move to have an Airsoft gun that lacked the orange cap while in a Cleveland park.

"For me, I've always been a guy who's took pride in knowledge of every situation that I've ever spoke on," James said following the Cavs' win over the Denver Nuggets. "And to be honest, I haven't really been on top of this issue. So it's hard for me to comment. I understand that any lives that [are] lost, what we want more than anything is prayer and the best for the family, for anyone. But for me to comment on the situation, I don't have enough knowledge about it."

Asked about Tariq, LeBron replied, "I caught a little bit of it from my folks on the side saying that you guys might ask me about it, but I have no knowledge," James said. "I'm not much of a social media guy. I'm on it, for sure, but I'm not always looking at what's going on in it."

Especially when the 'activist' has all of 2,000 Twitter followers.

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