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Phil Mushnick embarrassed that punk Katie Nolan & that fool Mike Francesa

Before embarrassing him on her view starved podcast - Katie Nolan ON Crowd Goes Wild, mocked FOX and Mike Francesa for her then show's cancellation and the subsequent FS1 extension of his then show Mike's On by one hour.

The tapes disappeared.

She probably erased them...but good ole Charles Curtis had transcribed what was said and done at the time:

Nolan showed a video of reaction to the Rockets-Blazers game that went from elation to heartbreak for Houston fans, then said, "That is actually the same series of reactions people had when they found out that we were canceled, and then found out that we were replaced by another hour of Mike Francesa."

Never mentioned that to his face during the podcast.

Phil Mushnick crucified the stupidity of both parties.

Nolan pulls a ‘Francesa’ on Mike

Two Peas In A Podcast: Interesting that Mike Francesa would reveal his WFAN farewell date to FOX’s Katie Nolan during her podcast. They have much in common.

Nolan, though flattering and even servile toward Francesa while they spoke, didn’t mention she previously has mocked his FAN show on her FOX Sports 1 program.

But that’s a Francesa standard: Belittle them when they’re not around, flatter them when they’re on with him.

Ah, so many from which to choose. … There was 2002, when he and Chris Russo ridiculed the Hall of Fame selection of Bills’ coach Marv Levy — they claimed he was undeserving. The next day Levy came on the show, and they congratulated him as one of the all-time greats!


Almost as embarrassing as is Adam Schein.

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