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Mike Francesa has a great plan for destroying ISIS

Bob Montagnet over at MikeFrancesa.com sums up the absolute brilliance:

Mike Francesa probably made the dumbest statement of his career as he agrees with Donald Trump that the best thing the United States could do is to let ISIS take over Syria so that we would now have a targeted country to target them for destruction.

Mike Francesa, "If you ever had them in one place you can obliterate it in one day, the hardest thing is that they are not a country...the hardest thing is that they are invisible. If they were a target, a nation, a place where you know where they are, they are an easy target. Let them take over a power structure...they are a sitting duck."

This fool named Francesa has no clue that ISIS has already planted their flag in Syria and Iraq. We know exactly where they are, you dumb blowhard. First off let's forget about the fact that ISIS is in Libya and other parts of Africa, at their peak they probably controlled 30 to 40 percent of Iraq and a substantial portion of Syria but they are currently losing territory, if we go with Mike's theory, he would like to give ISIS 100 percent control of Syria and suddenly it would be easier to defeat ISIS?

Does Mike think that ISIS is Al Qaeda circa 2001, protected by the mountains of Waziristan, they have taken over whole towns and cities in Syria and Iraq, they are collecting taxes and selling oil, they are currently running a de facto state.


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