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FAIL: Mike Piazza signed tons of 9-11 HR pics, bitches about jersey sale

Mike Piazza is whining about the dopey NY Mets selling his post 9-11 HR jersey. “I’m very disappointed with the situation regarding my game jersey from September 21st, 2001,’’ Piazza told The Post in an email Tuesday.

“I’ve expressed my feelings to Jeff [Wilpon] and the Mets. And while it never should have left Citi Field, they have assured me that contact with the seller has been made and they are making a concerted effort to get the jersey back. I’m hopeful that an agreement can be reached and we can give back to the fans and all New Yorkers a piece of that evening that was more than just a game."

What the Mets should have done was, dunno, monetize other aspects of the iconic moment. Like the many autographed photos that Steiner and, wait for it, Piazza sold.

Oh, and they were all over the place.

And if you didn't want to spend hundreds on the autographed version - the pic itself went for $99 bucks. It has to be great - look at the use of exclamation marks!

A Great Collectible To Own For Any New York Mets Fan!
"the Collage Comes Framed, And Is A Great Addition To Any Fan Cave!"
Great for spots fans!
New, Sold by Steiner Sports Memorabilia. The largest Sports memorabilia company in the US.

Oh wait - here's another autographed one.

Surprised Mike's hands weren't cramped after that home run.

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