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Phil Mushnick killed Craig Carton for his 100% fugazi Ryan Lochte story

Phil Mushnick, Sunday:

Pick your poison: WFAN in the morning or afternoon

What’s your preference for being treated like a moron: WFAN’s morning drive-time show or its afternoon drive-time show?

Thursday morning Craig Carton excitedly hollered that he and his inside sources in Rio had nailed this Ryan Lochte and Crew story right on its head — how two female swimmers were sent to pick them up at 5 a.m. and how, Carton repeated, “There was no gas station!

Carton’s scoop later that day was revealed to be nonsense, and the smoking starter’s pistol was the gas station video.

Friday, sidekick Boomer Esiason tried to make fools of listeners by praising Carton’s investigative work — his pile of inside misinformation — with, “Craig added clarity to the Ryan Lochte story yesterday.” Maybe, instead of “clarity,” he meant to say “hilarity” or “Clarabelle” (Honk! Honk!).

Or do you prefer WFAN’s evening drive? There’s wrong, then there’s “Mike Francesa Wrong” — the ability to be colossally wrong about everything while remaining fully convinced you know everything about everything.

Let’s not forget that in late March Francesa touted the Mets’ over-88 wins as an easy money bet. He is gifted, that way.

Meanwhile, Daniel Murphy, who Francesa at least twice insisted never would hit major league pitching, continues to lead the NL in batting.

Jose Altuve, whom early this season Francesa dismissed as nothing special, is leading the AL in batting by 45 points.

Both Murphy and Altuve are at or near the top of many batting/slugging/runs-scored categories, while “nothing special” Altuve also has 26 stolen bases.

Heck, one or both could win their league’s MVP. Dustin Pedroia won the AL MVP — after Francesa dismissed him as “a nothing.”

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