Boomer Esiason gallantly waives on national anthem defence | Bob's Blitz

Boomer Esiason gallantly waives on national anthem defence

Boomer Esiason rightfully ripped that moronic backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick for exploiting the national anthem for publicity.

Phil Mushnick recalled that time back in June 2014 when Boomer had no problem with John Amirante messing with our anthem by waving that NY Rangers flag. "But when John Amirante drew extra attention and noise by waving a Rangers towel while singing/exploiting the anthem before playoff games, Esiason said it’s great, and that naysayers are jerks."

Yep. Phil goaded Craig Carton into an (expected) retaliatory attack.

Can't go both ways...

If Kaepernicus really wants to protest (sacrifice) he should cease paying his income taxes.

That's a hard line to take. And one with real consequences.

You don't like how cops are treating people? Withhold your contribution to their income.

See what happens then.

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