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Craig Carton doesn't want Jose Fernandez' death investigated

Sketchy new details in the death of Jose Fernandez have started to emerge. He wasn't 'heading out early' to go fishing - instead he was engaged in some sort of argument with his pregnant WAG and friends were fearful as he left Miami bar American Social early Sunday morning in an upset state.

Eddy Rivero and Emilio Macias were killed along with Fernandez when a 32-foot fishing boat – which authorities said Monday was owned by Fernandez – crashed into a jetty sometime before 3 a.m. Sunday morning as it traveled southbound back toward Miami Beach.

Will Bernal, a close friend of Rivero’s, exchanged text messages with Rivero after midnight urging him not to go on the boat and posted the exchange on his Instagram account Monday.

“Yo, please be careful bro,” Bernal told Rivero, 25. “Try to keep him close to shore.”

“Trust me it’s not my time yet,” Rivero responded.

USA Today added:

Bernal and others described Fernandez as under some stress Saturday; the Miami Herald said the impetus was an argument with his girlfriend, who is pregnant with their first child. Yahoo Sports reported that Fernandez asked Marlins teammates to join him on the expedition, but they declined.

Fernandez contacted Rivero sometime after the Marlins’ game against the Atlanta Braves, which ended at 10:30 p.m. ET, and Rivero left a birthday party to join him. They picked up Macias on the boat thereafter.

Craig Carton? He "hates that they have to come out with 'all that other stuff' now." Boomer Esiason on Fernandez out late before heading to the boat? "Of course he was, he's a kid."

No, no you do need it.

Jesus. What happens if one of these guys is found to have been drunk, was the driver, and is charged with manslaughter?

*Update - oh, look at that -- drunk AND coked up ... and? Fernandez' dead boating friends suing his family for FOUR MILLION DOLLARS.

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