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JR Smith to Craig Carton: Don't ever try an play me as a racist

Jeremy Lin has never spoken to JR Smith, or anyone for that matter, about any racism directed towards him. Somehow, anyway, Craig Carton labeled JR Smith a racist yesterday - telling Lin, "I believe this, it is my thought, maybe no one else's, that there is a racial component in your locker room, that because you're a Chinese American player, that certain African American players, J.R. Smith being one of them, didn't want to accept you as a ballplayer...did you ever feel that?"

Lin's response? "Yeah, that's a hard question because I've never spoken to JR or anyone about that ... so it is all speculation."

Craig Carton. The new king of speculative statements.

JR took to Twitter to defend himself.

I never want to entertain this topic but whoever said i am or was racist to @JLin7 because he was Asian is wrong on so many levels!

I went to the #ESPYS to support him when all of Lin-sanity was going on stood up for him when other players knocked him down.

Adding (Hey, Carton...)


*Update - Carton responded by bringing Carmelo Anthony into discussions.

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