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Boomer Esiason bugged he was awarded porno's inaugural 'Deep Throat' award

New York, NY -- Porn stars have awarded their inaugural Deep Throat award to bounteous broadcaster Norman 'Boomer' Esiason.

You may have heard Norman on WFAN, Sports Illustrated, Showtime, various New England radio shows, some bullshit with Chris Simms, CBS Sports Minutes, TOPS, and the NFL on CBS.

Too many jobs have left Esiason turning to his 'cough drop' button at a record pace while co-hosting WFAN's Norman & Carton show. The record number? 24 uses per hour!

Amazingly, via CBS SportsNetwork, none of those instances of clicking the button actually do anything.

Esiason has won numerous awards since joining WFAN. (Here he is below picking up his 2014 'Buzzworthy' award.) But this is only his 3rd pornography related one.

Initial reports are that the awarding body is looking to set up a Rick's Cabaret night to celebrate if the classically handsome Esiason can get off.

Reached for comment by the press at a charity breakfast, Boomer Esiason said, "Let me clear my throat," Before adding, "My love is like a big blonde afro. I got Blue Cross and keep a nurse about the house. Mind if I smoke while you're eating?"

Reporters didn't and he did. Told he had won the Deep Throat prize, Esiason grew annoyed. "Fuck you! You have no tinkler!" Listen, I have 'a lot of little tingles' and that has nothing to do with my 9 jobs and all that stuff, ok?!"

Runners up to the prize were also announced today.

  • Boomer Banks (no relation to Esiason)
  • Craig Carton
  • Trenton Ducati
  • Adam Killian
  • Bob Salter
  • This unnamed reporter

The End. And Deep Throat to you all.

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