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Creator of the Big Mac dead at 98

Michael "Jim" Delligatti, who made the first Big Mac, died in his home in Pittsburgh Monday night at the age of ... 98 according to TMZ. (Emma Morano of Italy celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday...but come on, that's on raw eggs! Not two all beef patties...)

Delligatti, who owned multiple McDonald's franchises in Pennsylvania, first thought of the Big Mac in the mid-1960s ... when he wanted to offer customers a bigger burger than what Mickey D's was offering at the time. McDonald's was reportedly opposed at first, but the burger gods ended up going with his idea in 1968. It was already a hit at all of his stores in PA.

Thankfully Jim got to see the deep fried Big Mac before he died.

**Oh the humanity - Chef Peng Chang-kuei, who created General Tso's Chicken, died Wednesday night of pneumonia.

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