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Boomer & Carton: Draymond Green will be suspended

Boomer Esiason & Chris Carlton watched LeBron James flopping against Draymond Green last night and compared it to A) A tackle & B) A hockey check.

Both concur that Draymond will be suspended and suspended hard.

YouTube is killing Boomer & Carton for their NBA knowledge. Here's some favorites.

Lauren B 4 hours -- ago u can tell they don't know much about bball😁.

Marquelle Stanford 4 hours ago -- tackle y'all gotta be fucking kidding me right that big ass flop LeBron deserve a fucking Oscar.

Aeturnus 3 hours ago -- Draymond fouled him for sure but LerBon flopped like he got hit by a Peterbilt. Hilarious. Both of em are mentally ill. Who cares.

And our favorite:

shafer Beary -- 5 hours ago Lmao none of this is true

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