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Boomer & Carton release beer to support the Vet Ed Challenge

Told you last year that Diageo Beer Company USA would be working with Boomer & Carton on a limited release Smithwick’s variant to support a charitable partner.

“While Guinness will of course continue to play an essential role in our beer portfolio, the new Diageo Beer Company USA name will help highlight the contributions and potential of our other great brands like Smirnoff Ice, Smithwick’s and Harp”, said Tom Day, president of Diageo Beer Company USA at the time.

Smithwick's is releasing a Blonde Ale because a Bald Ale didn't taste so good and will make a contribution in support of the Veterans Education Challenge, a charity that helps veterans attend college by providing scholarships not covered by the GI Bill.

"Last year, I had the chance to travel to Ireland to meet with the Smithwick's team at the brewing site and help the brewers create a batch of Smithwick's Blonde Ale," said Esiason. "From the first time I sampled Smithwick's Blonde Ale, I knew Craig and I had to be a part of it. Smithwick's has an amazing track record with creating quality beers, and we couldn't be more excited to collaborate with such a longstanding brewer and a great foundation. It's a win-win."

"Over the years, Boomer and I have worked with different charities to help give back to causes important in their lives as well as our own," said Carton "We've always enjoyed working with Diageo in the past, and we thought this Smithwick's collaboration was the perfect fit for us."

"Smithwick's Blonde Ale lets people have the chance to enjoy a quality beer, responsibly of course, while also giving back to a great cause like the Veterans Education Challenge," said Dan Buttling, SVP, Marketing, Diageo Beer Company. "We wanted to collaborate with our longtime friends Boomer and Craig on a project benefiting this charity – anyone who knows them can see that giving back is at the core of who they are."

"These service men and women loyally defend our country and often go on to serve in both the public and private sectors," said Avis Richards, Founder of the Veterans Education Challenge. "It is our duty to help them achieve their educational goals. We are very excited to pair with such a supportive partner, Diageo, and to receive support from the likes of Boomer and Carton to help spread the word about the Veterans Education Challenge."

The Veterans unemployment rate is 7.2% compared to the national average of 5.2%. Learn more about the Veterans Education Challenge right here right now.

For more information about Diageo Beer Company, visit them online right here.

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