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Jose Reyes is allegedly the POS you thought he was

Jose Reyes is allegedly the piece of shit you thought he might be.

Christina Sanchez, who claims that she is the mother of a 7-year-old love child with married Mets legend José Reyes, alleges that he has “cruelly abandoned our daughter . . . and she is crying out for her father.”

Sanchez, a model and TV presenter, had a two-year relationship with Reyes until she was shocked to read in the New York Post that he had married his current wife, Katherine, in 2008.

Christina found out she was pregnant weeks after his wedding.

Reyes — who has three other daughters with his wife — initially offered a small amount of support for Liyah, but allegedly cut off all contact when wife Katherine found out about his secret family in 2015.

Sanchez, 31, told Page Six in an exclusive interview, “I thought that José loved me, but when I learned he had got married to a woman he had told me he was separated from, I was hurt and disgusted. He used me.”

Sanchez added that when she found out she was pregnant, “I felt confused and scared. He was angry and told me I had to keep our daughter secret, he didn’t want his wife to find out. I was brainwashed, but went along with it because I just wanted to keep my daughter’s father in her life.”

Reyes initially made small support payments, and bought Christina and Liyah a small house in South Jersey. But, Sanchez claims, Katherine discovered his secret child in 2015 when someone sent her a message over social media.

Sanchez claimed, “José was furious and blamed me for it, but I would have never done that. He changed overnight, he stopped seeing Liyah and completely, cruelly abandoned her. He cut her already small support payments in half, and stopped calling on birthdays or Christmas. It was a very hard year. Sanchez said she finally gave in and hired attorney Steven Gildin to sue Reyes in Nassau Family Court for child support.

She added, “I don’t want him back — what is done is done. I just want Liyah to be close to her father, and to be able to spend time with her sisters and her step-mother.”

An attorney for Reyes didn’t immediately comment.

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