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Check out the Sid & Bernie show middays on 77ABC Radio in NYC

New York, NY -- Listen - if you still tune into the moronic MID show over on WFAN because you don't have any options -- Check out the Sid & Bernie show on 77ABC Radio in NYC. Rosenberg reinvented his show doing the non-sports stuff for years in South Florida - but with he and McGuirk reunited in New York - you get it all.

“I guess I’m just realizing the influence Imus had on me over the years. Not just his content but the way he handles his cast,” Rosenberg told us 3 years ago. “As for the show material, it’s hard to get caught up in a Mets loss when nine innocent people were just gunned down in a church.” And he was ahead of the curve on the Donald Trump election. “There’s not one sporting event over the next two years that will match the intensity and the true divide that the 2016 Presidential Election offers. Politics is the true blood sport,” Rosenberg said at the time. “And the results are seemingly more important than the Cavs/Warriors. Key word? Seemingly.”

“Growing up listening to Imus and Stern, I just always believed a morning show should prepare people for the day,” Rosenberg said. “I don't want to hear two guys arguing over a position player in sports at 8 a.m. I understand there’s a market for that, but I’d rather get the news and sports. So that’s how I do my show.

“I still think Imus was the key to WFAN’s [initial] success. People still appreciate smart, funny, and diverse shows. Sports doesn’t really offer that. Most sports guys tend to be very repetitive and not very unique in style and content. I believe you can never truly be a great host working at WFAN because of their strict guidelines. There are guys there who are great talents, but who are somewhat castrated because of the expectations of management. Stagnancy is a shitty thing.”

The dynamic of Sid & Bernie, never better illustrated than in this audio from 2001 as McGuirk pranked Sid, carries over to 2017. Trust us.

Give it a shot - 770 AM in New York. Listen live here from the WABC Radio website or stream them over on I Heart Radio.

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