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Mike & the Mad Dog 30 for 30 includes Francesa & Russo asking American Jews to take Loyalty Oaths

Mike Francesa has been bashed for 'Jew Hating 9-11 Loyalty Oaths' by the NY Post's Mushnick and by us for just about the same length of time.

The “30 for 30” documentary on Mike & the Mad Dog that was suppose to air in February will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival April 21, 2017. (Francesa says it may win an Oscar.) And we've been vocal since it was announced that if it doesn't include the Jew bashing forced deletion of the Loyalty Oath tapes it would be a weak effort (especially as The Tribeca Film Festival launched after 9/11 to promote the cultural and economic revival of Lower Manhattan).

And now word from Richard Dietsch that director Daniel Forer does indeed include the loyalty oaths.

He addresses head-on the most controversial moment of the show’s 19-year run. Shortly after 9/11, Francesa and Russo asserted that the attacks were prompted by the U.S.’s support of Israel and suggested that American Jews should submit some sort of loyalty oath, choosing between either Israel or the U.S.

“They are both aware of the role that that incident plays in the history of ‘Mike and the Mad Dog,’” Forer said. “Neither one shied away from answering it and their takes on it. They were both very direct. Mike was Mike. He maintained the position he has always maintained: There was nothing controversial and he doesn’t believe they offended anyone. Chris is a little more sensitive to it and does understand criticism of it. He was more forthright in sharing with us his opinion of what happened that day. I was very pleased both addressed it and neither as afraid to address it. I said nothing would be off the table and they accepted that.”

Embarrassing. Imagine sitting there at the Festival as the subjects of this flick when that portion above airs. The only remaining question is - was Eddie Scozzare the WFAN employee who deleted the tapes? If so - who directed him to do so (especially since 'they didn't offend anyone...')

Well - know why Imus refused to be interviewed for this now. Also know - Craig Carton feels vindicated.

And Mike Francesa's #1 on air lie has been aired out.

*Update - Craig Carton just discussed the report.

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