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CNN's David Wright falsely attributed quotes to Boomer Esiason

Gov. Chris Christie was in WFAN's studio yesterday co-hosting the morning show with Craig Carton. CNN's David Wright wrote a piece on it.

Completely fubared it.

The brash governor appeared on WFAN's "Boomer & Carton" show Monday morning alongside hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. Christie, who has appeared on sports talk radio before, displayed all the tools of a good sports talk radio host as he jousted for four hours with guys like "Vinny from the Bronx" and others about New York Yankees phenom Aaron Judge, the New York Mets and even Bryan Adams concerts.


Aaron Judge

Judge, the Yankees' right fielder, currently leads all of baseball with 21 home runs and has led the Yankees back to contention. He was pretty much the only thing New York sports fans wanted to talk about -- and Christie was quick to scoff at their breathless anticipation.

"Aaron Judge is the greatest player in baseball today and he may, in fact, be the greatest player of all time," Christie scoffed.

"It's the early stages," Esiason said.

"It's the early stages," agreed Christie, who then got in another jab at the Yankees.

"Did they retire his number already? Because that's what the Yankees do, right? Did he get a monument?" Christie joked.

"Not yet," Esiason said.

Really CNN? Boomer said that?

Boomer wasn't there.

Listen David - Esiason can do stupid all by himself.

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