Mike Francesa and Brandon Tierney got into a brawl at WFAN Friday | Bob's Blitz

Mike Francesa and Brandon Tierney got into a brawl at WFAN Friday

CBS Sports Network's Brandon Tierney wound up in Mike Francesa's WFAN office Friday afternoon sometime around 12:30 reportedly to address a problem Francesa had with a NY Post piece published on Tierney the previous week.

Tierney's answer to Justin Terranova's What are your thoughts on the impending Francesa opening? question was a nod to Mike's still good ratings: "There is a thought that you take over for Mike and you keep ripping off top ratings, but it’s going to be different. It was something I used to really think about and really aspire to. To concentrate on his show would be a detriment to my show and a detriment to me."

Do you know who I was?

So what problem could Francesa have with that? One CBS source said that he expected, wait for it, more reverence out of Tierney. 2 other WFAN sources report that Mike was mad at the 5 Questions with BT title, "Why I am not chasing Mike Francesa’s throne anymore."

So if you've ever thought of calling Craig Carton up & saying, Craig why don't you just bury the hatchet with Mike? - shut up.

BT has always been a stand up guy who wouldn't have wandered into Francesa's castle unless he was truly pissed. (And having oneself confused for Evan Roberts or Joe Benigno is going to have pissed him off.)

But just how pissed off was Brandon Tierney with Mike Francesa? The fight, which spilled out into the WFAN newsroom's exclamation point was Tierney screaming at Francesa, "Who the fuck are you?!" to which Francesa's lame retort was, "You're a fraud!"

Mike's the same guy who welcomed Doug Gottlieb to NYC by threatening his producer, Adam Klug for duplicating guests, begrudgingly had a threesome with Fox Sports NFL draft experts Peter Schrager and Joel Klatt, and had tough guy Scott Ferrall threatening to 'skull him right in the face' for treating him like shit.

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