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Phil Mushnick: Mike Francesa ignored WFAN VP not to do horse racing themed radio

Reported Wednesday that there was more to the Mark Chernoff fight with Mike Francesa fight than ratings. We wrote at the time, "The discussion between Mike and Mark escalated because Chernoff dropped a line on Francesa, "I ORDERED YOU NOT TO DO ALMOST ENTIRE SHOWS ON HORSE RACING!" That is what really got it burning."

Today, Phil Mushnick elaborates.

As denials go, this one gets poor ratings (Hehe, get it?)

Mike Francesa, on vacation, had his producer tweet a total denial of a sourced note I wrote here Monday, about a shout-out he had with WFAN boss Mark Chernoff following “Let’s Be Honest’s” poor ratings period:

“I rarely comment about that individual’s absurd and nasty ramblings. But this time I have been asked to make an exception. I have never had an argument with Mark Chernoff concerning ratings. Ever. Never.”

One therefore wonders why Chernoff, the boss, didn’t issue a denial. Or could it be that he knows WFAN staffers heard the expletives-filled scream-out which two claimed was impossible not to hear?

And it was specifically about ratings, Chernoff telling him the fall-off likely resulted from Francesa spending too much airtime discussing horse racing prior to Triple Crown races.

Besides, Francesa’s self-serving career-long, daily disregard for the truth is such that one needn’t waste time and imagination with fabrications.

And despite that call Francesa took from the Pentagon seeking his advice, and despite his sources in New Jersey law enforcement he claimed were assigned to investigate Lawrence Taylor’s arrest (Francesa thought Taylor had been busted in Jersey when it was New York) — just two of my favorite Francesa lies — I’ll risk the consequences of his powerful position and friends.

Signed, Al Alburquerque.

Perhaps another reason Chernoff won't deny the fight is...the last time he defended Francesa didn't go so well.

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