Noah Syndergaard takes our advice & modifies his fugazi workouts to include sprinting & stretching

Noah? Do as I say...

Boomer Esiason had Noah Syndergaard sounding like a complete & utter idiot last month. And now, after reading that post, Noah has had a change of mind. The NY Times (so take it with a grain of salt) reports:

Syndergaard said he would not stop lifting weights, because he needs the strength to endure a six-month season.

“But you have to be smart about it,” he said. “I don’t think necessarily this off-season I lifted the smartest weights. I want to go to the weight room and feel taxed. Sometimes I’d leave the weight room not feeling that, so I’d do a little extra stuff.”

And that extra was too much? “Probably,” he said.

Before now, he said, he did yoga and Pilates in addition to weight lifting, and he did some stretching, but “not as much as I’d like to.”

But wait, there's more. Recall our recommendation that he (and all MLBers) sprint? Yeah, he's gonna do that too.

“Nobody really wants to stretch now,” he added, “but I’ve had this desire to become a more well-rounded athlete, as opposed to just someone who lifts and is strong. I want to be strong, and be mobile, hostile and agile.”

In addition to refining his flexibility, Syndergaard said he wanted to focus more on running, in an effort to build his cardiovascular endurance and the sturdy legs that are essential to pitching. He said he would probably stop doing Pilates and yoga because they were “not exactly sports specific.”

“But even my lower body, I wasn’t necessarily lifting my lower body the right way,” he said, “because my form was off to where a lot of my lower back was doing most of my work.”

Boomer and Carton nodded in agreement.

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