Gambling addiction: A chronic illness Boomer Esiason has no problem mocking

How many times per week does CBS/WFAN promote gambling? How many times did CBS/WFAN have Artie Lange on to 'teach' Boomer Esiason how to bet a teaser? How many times did CBS/WFAN have casino sponsored events? Where did CBS/WFAN hold the Boomer & Carton 10th anniversary shindig?

Why did CBS relaunch

How many times did CBS/WFAN allow Craig Carton to talk with guests regarding online casino wagering, turning malls into casinos, or sports betting? How many times did Carton read directly from a subscription tout sheet while making picks for CBS/WFAN?

How many CBS/WFAN hosts are 'known' for their horse race betting? (How many CBS/WFAN hosts are professionally involved in the disgusting world of horse abuse?) How many ads for FanDuel did CBS/WFAN run?

For how long did CBS/WFAN allow the Boomer & Carton show discuss the asinine premise that Esiason, Al Dukes, et al were giving Craig Carton money for him to wager on blackjack benders with the guarantee of turning 10s of thousands into 100s of thousands of dollars for, say, the Boomer Esiason Foundation?

For how long did CBS/WFAN allow Boomer Esiason to mock the chronic illness that is gambling addiction? The same Boomer Esiason who is now shocked at what has become of Craig Carton.

It was just three years ago that Esiason & Eddie Scozzare were mocking Sid Rosenberg's gambling problem and referring to Carton 'having a guy...' after he gave the CBS/WFAN audience 'another mortgage win.'

Craig Carton should sue CBS for enabling...

Eddie cataloging Craig Carton soundbites for future gambling drops?

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