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Watch NJ 101.5's Jim Gearhart shocking attack on 'cancer' Craig Carton

Honestly didn't know Jim Gearhart was back at NJ 101.5 until this morning. But, this morning, we learned that Jim Gearhart, who worked with but never met Craig Carton, just ripped him a new a*hole. Gearhart claims that the 'morally challenged' Carton oppressed and beat down his partner Ray Rossi. Gearhart went on to claim that Craig had blind hate for him despite never meeting. Going as far as to say that Carton made up a story about Jim disparaging women who had breast cancer.

Jim continued, "Carton was a real peanut who was great at blowing his own horn." Before claiming Carton lied about his ratings and frequently brought Judi Franco to tears with his harassment. He remembers Carton screaming at Brand Manager Eric Johnson "treating him as if he was a dog" because the station had the gall to promote some of its other hosts.

Funny how folks just kept asking Gearhart, "Did you hear what they're saying about you?" Funny how Gearhart didn't confront someone saying he was making fun of folks with breast cancer. Funny how Gearhart has no idea about Carton being 'grabbed by his collar' while at WFAN. Funny how everyone (except Mike Francesa) at WFAN loves Craig Carton.

Funny this was never brought up before.

Craig Carton vows to fight the charges tooth and nail.

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