Craig Carton & his ticket companies have received letters from the court letting them know they're victims of a Ponzi scheme

Craig Carton and his ticket companies have received 5 individual letters from prosecutors letting them know they've been victims of a Ponzi scheme. Craig's lawyer, Robert C. Gottlieb of Gottlieb and Janey, LLP, pounced: “There are many aspects of how Mr. Carton is portrayed in these complaints [from the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal prosecutors alleging he defrauded investors in a scheme to resell A-list concert tickets] that are demonstrably false,” Gottlieb told The Daily Beast. “We intend to prove that Mr. Carton was not in significant debt as the complaints say. He had a legitimate business and was gainfully employed.”

Gottlieb also maintains that Carton was a victim of [Joseph] Meli’s fraudulent business dealings and had no indication that investor money was being misappropriated. Notably, someone in the prosecutor’s office seems to agree. Carton and his ticket companies have been sent five separate letters notifying him that he is understood to be a victim of the same Ponzi he’s been charged in.

When contacted by The Daily Beast, a spokesperson for the Southern District seemed surprised that Carton was getting these letters and said they would “look into it.” One letter could be dismissed as a formality, but it’s hard to ignore five.

And the letters aren’t the only issue with the case against Carton. Not all the evidence prosecutors claim to have may make it to the courtroom.


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