Donald Trump delivers 'America First' speech at Davos 2018 to thunderous applause

President Trump addressed world leaders, chief executives, celebrities and other global elites in a major speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. (The Davos conference is an annual gathering of around 2,500 of the most influential political and economic leaders from around the world.) President Trump promoted his "America First" policy at this gathering, which some thought might be controversial given the pro-globalist bent of the Davos forum.

Instead? The President's speech was concluded with thunderous applause.

In a related note - the first paychecks under the Donald Trump tax cuts and jobs law have started to be received with most $50 to $200k employees seeing 4% increases ($2k to $8K for the year) in take home pay.

"Crumbs" according to Nancy Pelosi.

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