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Craig Carton's 'Carton & Friends' off to a strong start

Craig Carton's Online Audio Program 'Carton & Friends' sees strong preliminary numbers

Ratings indicate show already beating many on terrestrial radio

New York, NY -- Craig Carton's online audio show Carton and Friends is off to a strong start. Since the program is an online digital offering the apples to oranges ratings comparisons will always be a bit of a handicap but if the premiere episode of 'Carton & Friends' was a traditionally rated radio program -- it was listened to by more than all but 5 New York radio stations.

Initial numbers out this weekend for the first full week of the broadcast are impressive. Fantasy Sports Network's FNTSY Sports Radio Network averaged 40,000 unique listeners while Craig Carton's Periscope page did about 20,000 unique viewers per broadcast. That is roughly 60,000 viewers/listeners before the YouTube, Facebook, iHeartRadio and TuneIn listeners/viewers are tallied. Industry insiders expect a lot out of the iHeartRadio and TuneIn results.

Chris Russo's MLB Network television offering “High Heat” doesn't see 50,000 viewers.

Carton stated last Wednesday before the weekend results, "If I was doing a show against me? I'd be concerned. If I was doing a NY show that aired between 9-1...I'd be concerned about us stealing listeners because we've already started to do it. I guarantee shows from 9-1 are going to have their ratings implode."

Moving forward as guests are booked and the format is tweaked -- he may have been prophetic.

Coming up - the show will finally launch a landing page to cut down on the confusion (as we suggested), national terrestrial radio syndication is coming...

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