Amateur Hour: Craig Carton's thoughts on Mike Francesa not piling on following his arrest for ticket related Ponzi scheme and Securities fraud

Jay wanted to know why Craig Carton keeps attacking Mike Francesa even though the latter didn't 'pile on' after the former's arrest. Craig explained why and then spoke about a hand written note he passed to Mike as he was cleaning out his office.

Go check any, OK almost any, clip of Craig Carton 'getting going' when he was at WFAN and one will note: Boomer, et al. did not interrupt. There is no need for any 'right, right' 'yeah, yeah' from the peanut gallery. There CERTAINLY is no need for any offering of opinions during said spiraling.

But that is the pitfall of working with amateurs with no sense whatsoever of self awareness. Corey Parsons is unlistenable.

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