Deranged Hollywood liberal elites are trying to buy Texas' seat in the U.S. Senate...

Hollywood liberal elites are still trying to buy Texas' seat in the U.S. Senate... Here's just the latest example:

This is from the entertainment industry magazine "Variety." Not exactly a bastion of conservatism. Hollywood is the antithesis to the conservative values we as Texans all hold dear. We can't let them buy this election. (Deranged lefty liberal Democrat failing blue wave v the big Red Republican wall summed up via Gif.)

Hollywood is raising a lot of money for our opponent and it's starting to have an effect. Polls show that he is polling within single digits of Ted. We need your help to right now to fight back and make sure Ted is able to continue fighting for us. Celebrities love to tweet about Ted and try to tell Texans who they should vote for and how they should think. Look what was tweeted just yesterday:

Ted doesn't represent Hollywood. He represents 28 million Texans in the U.S. Senate and he is proud to have your support.

We need your help to combat all the money Hollywood is pouring into the election. We are being out raised almost 3-to-1 and we need to close the gap. We need to make sure we are able to get as many people as possible out to vote and we can't do that without your help now.

Hollywood's idea of "mega-cool" is raising taxes, taking away our guns, impeaching the president and abolishing ICE. That's not "mega-cool" in Texas.

We can't let Hollywood by this seat. We need to work hard and #KeepTexasRed. Donate what you can right here right now.

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