Gregg Giannotti takes blistering shot at Craig Carton's legal situation

So...Gregg Giannotti took some shots at former WFAN'er Craig Carton. Seems Boomer Esiason got himself and Gio tickets for some boxing crap and Gio told him he's bringing along 3 friends. Boomer said he had gotten the tix for he and Gio to go - Not for Gio's friends.

And then Boom reminisced about how he and Carton used to do stuff together all the time.

Gio later replied, "OK, I'll try harder to adhere to the high standards that were set here over the Past 10 years..." setting up the shot.

Going into a box office blitz ticket giveaway Gio drops, "I could be more like Carton and try and sell the tickets instead of giving them away."


Much to the pleasure of Boomer and the production guys.


And that was followed by Frank Thomas for Nugenix.

*Update - Carton went on with Sid Rosenberg to respond.

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