WFAN basically hired an intern in Gregg Giannotti: Craig Carton to Sid Rosenberg

Craig 'Right?' Carton joined Sid Rosenberg on AM radio this morning. Carton talked his upcoming battle in federal court, rebutted Rosenberg's claim he had him fired at WNEW (the tapes of that have gone missing), and he threatened negative writers while praising those who have stayed friends with him.

And then he went back at Gregg Giannotti for taking a shot earlier this week at Carton's legal situation. Talking AM v FM Carton said, "You could throw an intern a show over at WFAN and it's going to beat the AM only stations. That's basically what they did (with Gio replacing him with Boomer Esisaon), right?"

Carton also took aim at Mike Francesa for trying to fleece his fans with his failed app and, of the latter's massively failed Twitter account (which Mike completely butchered), "Mike's got 89 thousand followers. I have 120K! And that's with what I'm going through right now, right?!"

Bernie and Sid get the best not scheduled guests.

Here's the Gregg Giannotti quip.

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