The Government response to portions of Craig Carton's motions are either sloppy or fake news...

Craig Carton's attorneys filed a motion to to dismiss the Securities Fraud indictment he's facing (among other motions) back in May. The government's response is either fake news or is a sloppy reply. Out Friday September 14, 2018 they write, "Carton claims, for example, that the Government alleges that Carton and [Michael] Wright’s 'purported ticket entities were only vehicles to defraud [the Hedge Fund],' Carton Br. at 15, an allegation that does not appear in the cited press release or in the Indictment."

The government also states, "But the government has never alleged (and does not intend to argue at trial) that there is a general prohibition on reselling tickets in the secondary market or that Carton or Wright never legally sold a ticket. Those issues are simply irrelevant."

They may not now intend to argue at trial 'that Carton or Wright never legally sold a ticket' and they may now say that Carton's claim that he and Michael's "'purported ticket entities were only vehicles to defraud [the Hedge Fund]' does not appear in the cited press release" but both line items clearly do appear in the original comment that we published in September 2017:

Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said: “As alleged, Craig Carton and Michael Wright deceived investors and raised millions of dollars through misrepresentation and outright lies. Their schemes were allegedly propped up by phony contracts with two companies to purchase blocks of concert tickets, when in fact, Carton and Wright had no deals to purchase any tickets at all. As alleged, behind all the talk, the Wright and Carson show was just a sham, designed to fleece investors out of millions ultimately to be spent on payments to casinos and to pay off other personal debt.”

Seems like some T's aren't crossed and some I's are not dotted...

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