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Part 5: Healing our 11 year old dog's torn CCL without surgery

Our following 'Zero' -- our 11 year old highly athletic 60 pound German Shepherd following a CCL tear where the vet recommended TPLO surgery but we attempted a non surgical treatment approach (dog acl recovery without surgery). (See the beginnings: How we tried to heal our 11 year old German Shepherd Dog's torn ACL without surgery part 1: Week's 1-4.)

Day 58 - Been trying to throw the heated buddy on her leg if it's available in the a.m. before we do any walking. Today 10 minute walk. No audible popping while walking. Click is there doing ROM exercises if we push the flex or extension. We did 7-8 sit stands. Iced down for 15 minutes after the walk and sit stands. About an hour or so we do some circle walks in the back yard for 3-4 minutes. Then we did acupressure and massage on the leg (we do it on both legs when possible to not ignore the healthy leg).

Our backyard has a bit of an incline so we can do heels over it, going to a larger incline as we hopefully progress.

Going to, at this point, not go as detailed as you get the point in videos 1,2,3 and 4...of what we're trying to do.

Also found a couple great videos that we'll share. Dr. Lane, veterinarian and owner of the Broadway Veterinary Clinic in Anderson, Indiana, with the help of his brindled boy Douglas, demonstrates the first two weeks of basic rehabilitation techniques, for the post-surgical care of a canine cranial cruciate ligament rupture. You can use these on your non-surgical dog as well.

And then we found Dr. Andrew Jones' Natural Pet Health Channel 'Veterinary Secrets' -- Here's several.

Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs: Diagnosis

Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs: Healing Without Surgery

Dog Cruciate Ligament: Treating Without Surgery [Part 2]

And Massage for Hip Dysplasia and Acupressure for Cruciate Injury

Day 60 -- We limited yesterday to four 5 minute walks in the backyard as rest for the sit stands we did on Friday. Today, a bit of snow on the ground, she is much better off than last Sunday when we felt that the back to back 15 minute walk days set us back.

Strong, more balanced on the pee. Step up off the injured leg. No audible popping while walking. Ability to walk with the right leg on the down slope of an incline. Going to repeat yesterday today. Short 5 minute walks. ROM. Rest.

This week the plan is to do the sit stands tomorrow. Do a 10 minute walk out front. Perhaps do two 10 minute walks and go from there. We also have an idea now what supplements we'll stick with for the long term. Will write that up as well.

Here are the final supplements used trying to heal our dog's CCL tear without surgery. And here is the final installment of healing our dog's ACL CCL disease without surgery.

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