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Source: Gregg Giannotti a thin skinned disappointment

No one is more disappointed in what WFAN's Gregg Giannotti has turned into than we are. We called for his hire and we expected he'd be great in the mornings. Well, that wore off about 3 months in...and now we're getting not just bored but uncomfortable. Charley Casserly Day at the FAN wasn't just bad -- it was uncomfortably bad. So we reached out. The following is from a long term WFAN employee and arrived overnight:

Gio has been a bitter disappointment. As a producer given some time here or there back in the day or more recently with the Network getting some time with B&C to do his bits (and that's what they are, bits) he was very entertaining. But now? 4 hours a day? Terrible. You may complain about him not developing sources or about him doing the same ridiculously sad impersonations -- think about us. We're listening the entire 4 hours bud. And he'll often do his stand up routine with impersonations that are not good and not funny. Take that Casserly garbage you ask about. Not good and not funny. And he did it over 4 segments!

Worse? He's thin skinned with rabbit ears. He does not take criticism well. I/we really miss Craig. Very thin skinned. Not a good trait for a clown. 

No. Not good at all.

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Giannotti just confirmed it.

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