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Craig Carton wagered over a Billion dollars playing Black Jack at the Borgota & other casinos

Craig Carton's accumulated wagering totaled over one billion dollars, Billion with a 'B,' while pulling all night stay & $10,000 per hand plays at the Borgata and other casinos including Resorts in Bimini over the roughly year and a half leading up to his arrest. (Craigy had the single biggest win in Resorts history, $3.9 million, over three days.) Not the first person to wager that much in total, but a staggering number nonetheless. (And you do not have to have a billion to bet a billion - it's the aggregate total bet. Ask former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor about net losses of $13,000,000 but totaling $1,000,000,000 in bets over a decade.)

It would not be unusual for Carton at 3AM, 3 hours from hitting the air on WFAN at 6AM, to finish up at a table and run out of the casino carrying $500,000 cash as he rushed to a helicopter.

The helicopter would speed him to New York City and he'd get himself to 345 Hudson day in and day out to his $2,000,000 per year day gig as co-host of the decade long #1 rated WFAN morning show Boomer & Carton with co-host Boomer Esiason.

Flashback to 2014. Recall shows leading into a Borgota visit for Boomer & Carton. Craig said to Esiason something to the tune of, "You give me $10,000 and I'll turn it into $25,000. I'll even guarantee the $10K (ie, he'd get him $10,000 back if he didn't win the $25K)."

Now gambling addiction has always been a chronic illness Boomer Esiason had no problem mocking. Hell, a year later Al Dukes was still tweeting lines like, "For those asking, yes, Craig doubled my money #Blackjack." If Boomer will need some more time to 'truly forgive Craig' -- one has to wonder if he returned his $15,000 profit to Carton while that healing process continues to unfold. Did Boomer Esiason pay back the gambling money Craig Carton won for him that day?

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