Craig Carton reports to USP Lewisburg federal prison today | Bob's Blitz

Craig Carton reports to USP Lewisburg federal prison today

Craig Carton will report the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary later today, 6/17/19, to begin serving a minimum 36 months to a max 42 month sentence.

Craig writes:

I start my sentence Monday, June 17th.

I made mistakes. Mistakes in judgement, decisions, and how I was living my life. I was wrong. I have, will, and should continue to pay a dear price for those mistakes.

I also, though, believe in redemption and earning second chances. I am keenly aware that my life doesn't end when I go to prison, to the contrary it actually begins. I plan on making the most of the positive and life growing opportunities that the prison offers.

I will work tirelessly to repay those whom I have hurt and to regain the trust that you all had in me. I look forward to the day when you accept that I have lived up to these promises and allow me the opportunity to once again be a part of your lives. I know when that day comes you will see and hear the best version of me.

Thank you for the continued support you have shown me and my family.

There are approximately 391 male inmates housed in dormitories at the minimum security satellite camp. Softball and flag football are just 2 of the recreational activities seasonally available to inmates.

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