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NY Post rips WFAN's unclever Gregg Giannotti for child rape pun

Come at me, Bitches! (But only on the phone...never in person, ok?)

Today's NY Post is all over the regressed current unclever and repetitive clown of a morning co-host over at WFAN, aka Animal House, and all that other stuff.

Despite WFAN’s unsporting drive-time inhabitants, it’s called sports radio.

Sunday afternoon, Boomer Esiason, aka Weekend Boomer, was, as usual, seen and heard on CBS’ NFL studio show as a well-comported gentleman.

The next morning on his WFAN show, Esiason, in the role of Weekday Boomer, was heard sharing — and likely forcing — belly laughs after partner Gregg Giannotti hollered, “Look at me, bitches!”

Giannotti had a clever side until he became a requisite drive-time dirt-slinger and provocateur. And no one had more fun than these two with Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide and his alleged sexual deviance. Laughs included a wink-and-nod pedophile pun.

Pun intended: Suicide and child rape is funny...

Not too long ago, one’s credibility and public behavior as a member of the broadcast media was assiduously protected as a matter of self-worth, sustained employment and respect for an audience. That was before low became a substitute for funny.

Two fathers making fun of child rape. Gio dropping 'Jesus Christ! and incorrectly using the word 'ironic' twice a week. At the end of the day all wrapped up by Boomer Esiason laughing like a friggin' buffoon during all of Giannotti's tired shitck. Boomer's verbal tics, his throat clearing, and the uncomfortable act guffawing - Is he suffering from the Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) (emotional incontinence)?

WFAN's Gregg Giannotti is an anti-Rhotacist, too.

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