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An update on Craig Carton

Craig Carton has been at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary since mid June. The Blitz recently caught up with him. Craig is doing well - exercising and even playing softball.

Craig Carton: "I'm doing well. I'm working out and have lost 13 pounds. I'm reading a lot and just laying low. I'm playing fall ball softball and my team is 3-0. They asked me to QB the flag football team but I'm just going to watch and not get hurt."

Craig is also working as a cook.

A man we know in the radio know who we've been in touch with before says there is buzz around the radio community for Carton's release already. "There are at least 6 stations in the New York/NJ/Philly area that would jump at the chance to talk to Craig about joining or rejoining their stations."

11/21/19 - we caught up with Craigy again.

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