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The Hannah Storm Foundation Funds First Infant Surgery

Did you know that Hannah Storm was born with a life altering port wine stain over her left eye? Did you know that several surgeries later - it is still there and if she doesn't have sunglasses on - folks ask her if she has a black eye?

It's true. She writes:

When I was in fifth grade, I underwent the first of two "serial excisions," which meant a hospital stay, under full anesthesia. The surgeon would actually cut out a slice of skin where the birthmark appeared, and then stitch the rest together. Sometimes, even now, I can still feel the pull of those scars. Later, I had a tattoo, "flesh-colored" according to the well-meaning doctor. But in reality, a pasty off-white color that still stands in contrast to the deep red marks of the port-wine stain. In high school and college, the Laser was the new solution, but one that left painful third degree burns under my eye. After two treatments, the second of which left me in uncontrollable teenage tears, I was done, no more treatments.

Hannah created the Hannah Storm Foundation because of her experiences. "The Hannah Storm Foundation was created in 2008 to raise awareness, fund treatment and provide educational information for children suffering from debilitating and disfiguring Vascular Birthmarks. Hannah's passion stems from having a port wine stain birthmark underneath her left eye. The Foundation also funds the Hannah Storm Journalism Internship at Notre Dame. It was started in 2006 as an opportunity for current Notre Dame undergraduate students to gain practical experience while working in the Alumni Association's Communications and Marketing department."

And the work has paid off. Here Storm introduces you to Tingyi and the 1st surgery funded by the Hannah Storm Foundation:

If you want more info or to make a donation, visit here.

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