Sterger, NFL Likely Meet Next Week: Agent, Attorney | Bob's Blitz

Sterger, NFL Likely Meet Next Week: Agent, Attorney

There is a very strong likelihood that Jenn Sterger will meet with the NFL regarding the Brett Favre / Deadspin matter late next week. Both her attorney, Joseph Conway, and her agent, Phil Reese, have told the Blitz.

Conway emailed the Blitz: "Nothing definite. It's likely she will and, if so, late next week."

Makes perfect sense to allow the resources of the NFL to be utilized this way. Any info Jennifer provides to the National Football League's security forces will allow them to investigate Deadspin's allegations further, on their dime.

Jenn's agent, Phil Reese, also emailed us: "There is nothing definitive at the moment. It's likely, but wouldn't be before the end of next week."

Sterger's cooperation with the NFL would mean all resources focused on how Favre got her number, whether or not Brett texted the photos in question, and, perhaps, who tipped off Deadspin/Gawker.

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