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Jenn Sterger's Attorney, Joseph Conway...Who is he Anyway?

By now you know the name, Joseph Conway, ESQ. He's Jennifer Sterger's attorney for the whole Brett Favre / Deadspin ordeal.

But who is Joseph R. Conway?

Conway received a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John's University and a Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School. As an Assistant United States Attorney for more than fourteen years, he prosecuted many high profile cases:

Sept 94. USA v. Peter LeMay (82nd Airborne Paratrooper) LeMay sent a pipe bomb through the mail to kill his wife’s boyfriend. He ended up pleading guilty. In a twist, a year later proscecutors ended up convicting the wife of bank robbery.

1997 USA v. Ricardo Espinosa. Multiple defendant drug ring from Columbia to Guatemala to Houston to NY. Conway helped to convict over 20 defendants. Last defendant was a trial against Arnoldo Vargas Estrada, who was the Mayor of Zacapa, which was the 2nd largest city in Guatemala. The May had a landing strip for planes to arrive and an underground storage facility where over 1700 kilos of cocaine were discovered.

1998 USA v. Rosie and Vance Baker. Mother and son tried and convicted of of conspiracy to commit murder with intent to obstruct justice. They executed a Dr. (who they believed to be a government informant) who was to expose their Medicare Fraud. Sentenced to life without parole after a 2 week trial.

1998 USA v. John Spano. Isles fans remember this one. Fraud conviction on the man who attempted to buy the NY Islanders Hockey Team. He was one payment away from taking the team. Sentenced to 70 months.

2000 USA v. Michael Swango. The 'Doctor of Death' MD who was suspected of killing in excess of 50 people throughout the country and overseas. We convicted him in the death of three patients at the Northport LI Veterans Hospital and a murder of a young female in Ohio. Serving life without parole.

2001/03 USA v. Albert Isernio et al. Political corruption of several defendants who were convicted of bribing the then Deputy County Executive of Nassau County to get a healthcare contract worth millions.

Joseph started the LaRusso & Conway law firm in September, 2004. Since that time, they have handled many 'big cases' including the following high profile media cases:

Adam Kidan (partner of Jack Abramoff) fraud/political scandal case out of Florida.

Paul Sullivan – SBA fraud case. He is the uncle of Lindsay Lohan (Diana’s brother).

Oreste Joseph Bruni an ER doctor charged in a steroid case – He was exonerated despite being tried in the press.

Conway represented the law firm Ingerman Smith of Long Island when State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo started an investigation into possible financial misconduct at five Long Island school districts. Ingerman Smith was never charged with any crimes.

Scott Braun. 'Scooter' is the manager of Justin Bieber. He is currently charged in Nassau County based upon a riot that occurred during a performance of his Justin's in Roosevelt Field. (No longer representing him due to a conflict)

Currently represents the family of Olivia Raspanti, a 2 year that died March 17, 2009 at the Carousel Day Care Center after choking on a carrot. The Center recently plead guilty and, along with Thomas Foley, (another attorney) they have a multi-million dollar law suit pending.

Joseph has also been appointed as Special Independent Counsel by the Suffolk County Legislature in reference to an Ethics inquiry involving the County Executive, Steve Levy, and the Ethics Commission.

Notice the trend with many of these cases? High profile within New York and national media. Also? Highly investigatable cases...sources indicate that the firm has an excellent stable of ex-FBI investigators that they utilize for such purposes. (Coincidentally the NFL's Vice President of Security, Milt Ahlerich, had a 25 year career with the FBI)

Seems the Sterger camp knew what it was doing when it retained LaRusso & Conway in this matter. Get the feeling that Deadspin's third party supplier might be sweating this a bit.

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