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No Mid-Week NFL Security / Sterger Meet Planned: Sterger Attorney

New York Daily News scribe Nathaniel Vinton writing about Jennifer Sterger roughly an hour ago: "According to a source close to the Sterger camp, if a meeting between Sterger and the NFL does take place, it will probably occur mid-week. Sterger's new attorney, former federal prosecutor Joseph Conway, is in ongoing discussions with the league about a potential meeting, as The News reported Wednesday."

Throwing in 'probably' and the lax time frame of 'mid-week' doesn't make the prediction any more or less legitimate, however.

Conway, of the law firm La Russo and Conway, told the Blitz when asked if the NFL had imposed a deadline on Jenn's camp to speak with them: "No deadline." When asked whether the Sterger team was planning a mid-week meeting with the NFL next week, Conway replied via email: "No plan. No deadline. No decision at this point if a meeting will in fact take place. We have an open dialogue with the NFL."

Sterger has left the local area to be with family and friends for the weekend. As to the 'Jenn Preps to Talk to NFL' headlines - Conway said they could be in contact with each other if it became necessary.

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