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Reader Weighs in on the Charity of WFAN's Evan Roberts

Our story this morning, Boomer Esiason Furious as WFAN Co-Worker Sells Mets Tickets: Source, brought out some very good emails and Twitter discussions.

Here is one of those emails, from reader Corey K:

So here's my Evan story...

Back sometime in April, May, or June, there was a Mets game that was played despite the weather being horrible all day. The Mets graciously offered all ticket holders (regardless if you went to the game or not) a free ticket to another game, chosen from a list of 2-3 games.

So Evan, who always rips the Mets organization, goes on air and complains that the Mets are screwing him. He doesn't need tickets to another game, he goes to just about every game anyway.

At which point, I Tweet to him that he is being ridiculous. My point was that he went to the game & it was played & the Mets do not owe anyone anything. The fact that they are giving free tickets is a nice gesture.

He replies back that they should give him & all season ticket holders a refund for the game that was played, the free tickets are of no use to him. My response was that there are tons of charities out there who would gladly accept the tickets or he could just sell them to someone else. Either way he comes out ahead. I also told him that I too have season tickets but I had sold the tickets for that game to someone and I do not feel short changed in anyway. If the buyer used my tickets that night, they are getting a 2-for-1 deal.

He went on about how he should get a refund and insisted he sometimes gave tickets to charity. My response was that if you donate to charity regularly, what is the big deal about donating these free tickets as well? He insisted that the Mets owed him a refund. It was getting a little heated between us going back & forth (@BPALMTHEGREAT was also involved in the conversation) and finally I probably went over the line by dropping some info that I happen to know about his background & how he got to where he is today.

After hearing Evan often talk on air about selling tickets & sitting in the press box and my Twitter conversation with him, it sounds to me like Boomer is probably accurate in saying Evan never looks to donate.


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