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Now Chili's is Serving Underaged Children [Video]

A Chili's in Longmont, CO served Pam Bruenning's three children (all under 8-years-old - one is a 1-year-old) fruit smoothies with alcohol in them on Independence Day.

Bruenning said her daughter told her, "'Mom, this doesn't taste really good,' and so I leaned over to take a drink to see if something was wrong with it and it was just loaded with tequila. You could tell right away. I mean, it didn't take much."

Bruenning says the amount "was significant."

9News reports:

The children were not hospitalized and were OK enough to attend the fireworks show later. However, the 8-year-old passed out at the park during the fireworks show and the 6-year-old son was very wild, according to Bruenning.

"He was all over the place, which he usually is, my son, he was just extra wild, throwing stuff all around and acting really crazy," she said.

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