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Yahoo! Sports Radio Launches on SIRIUS

Sporting News Radio has been renamed Yahoo! Sports Radio and David Gow, chairman of Gow Broadcasting, said the relationship with Yahoo will include branding, content and promotional elements:

“We’re aligning with the No. 1 sports media web company in the world,” Gow said. “We’re picking up one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. We’re getting access to some of the best sports journalism in the country, and we get to link ourselves together in a way that will accelerate the growth of our digital business.

“When you combine the sports experts of Yahoo and Rivals with our on-air talent and analysts, we believe we will have the best roster in sports radio. And we can take that combined roster and create compelling sports radio, grow our affiliate base and audience size and take our company to much greater heights.”

The new site, bills itself as follows:

Yahoo Sports Radio is a product of Gow Broadcasting LLC., a Houston, TX-based firm that creates and distributes quality audio content.

With a focus on spoken word content such as sports and information, Yahoo Sports Radio is the audio steward of performers such as Peter Gammons and Steve Czaban.

Yahoo Sports Radio content is distributed on a number of platforms, ranging from a network of 170+ terrestrial radio stations, Sirius/XM Radio, and web-based applications.

Here's the current lineup (call-in number is 800-777-2907):

Steve Czaban 6a-10a
Tim Brando 10a-1p
Sean Pendergast 1p-4p
Travis Rodgers Now 4p-7p
Gamecast 7p-10p
Todd Wright Tonight 10p-2a
John Harris 2a-6a

Yes, it looks very much like they raided the Jim Rome is Burning...and that's not a bad thing. Already, that's a much better lineup than ESPN radio puts out. Would suggest they put out a non-compete declaration and keep Peter Gammons off of the Mike Francesa show. And, if they could, hire Jon Heyman and do the same thing. Please.

BTW, Czaban also features a 'Lock it up' schtick.

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