Boomer Esiason a Big Jerk: Al Michaels & Son to Howard Stern [Audio] | Bob's Blitz

Boomer Esiason a Big Jerk: Al Michaels & Son to Howard Stern [Audio]

New York, NY -- Sunday Night Football's Al Michaels responded to a caller's question of whether or not WFAN's Boomer Esiason was the biggest jerk that he's ever worked with while on the Howard Stern Show today. Al's son Steve Michaels (President & CEO of Asylum Entertainment best known for producing E's 2006 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds and often confused with Asylum Entertainment - a social network, entertainment website and record label originally founded in 1992.) apparently nodded yes in the background.

Pushed, the senior Michaels said: "I had him [Esiason] for a couple of years early in his career and I did the best I could to help him come along. But Boomer blasts me."

The junior Michaels later followed up when asked if he gets upset when folks criticize Al with "It's only been Boomer."

We felt this was going to become a huge event so rather than live tweet the conversation earlier live like some fading, co-opted corporate hack.

You pretty much have to believe in miracles if Boomer is your sole critic after 40 years in the media biz, no?

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