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Mushnick to Francesa: Sue me for Libel on Jew Bashing Claim [Audio]

The NY Post's Phil Mushnick is not letting WFAN's Mike Francesa's alleged Jew hating following 9-11 go. Today:

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, in a long, on-air simplistic, facts-barren and bigoted spew that seemed taken from the Josef Goebbels How-To Handbook, [Mike] Francesa not only laid the mass murders at the feet of Israel and on the heads of Jews, he strongly suggested that Jews are unpatriotic Americans, thus make suspect U.S. citizens.

WFAN still has been unable to find the tape from that day — what a coincidence! — and Francesa has denied saying any such things. But he’s a liar. As did many others, I heard him, and wrote about it then. And if I’m wrong, if I made this story up then had it published here, that would be highly actionable, a slam-dunk, can’t-lose libel suit. So then sue me.

More recently, when I again raised this issue here, Francesa again, on the air, denied it, this time adding that a Jewish watchdog agency had even given him, in this matter, clearance.

Really? Which agency? Who, where, when? Tell us. Show us. If the tape is missing, or was erased, or eliminated, or just disappeared or it’s being subjugated, how could any group have issued him such a thumbs-up, declaring that he never spoke such things?

Or was this another lie atop another lie?

Oh, well, we’ll just have to place an asterisk next to [Ryan] Braun’s name in the record book, perhaps a yellow Star of David. It must come as some consolation to Francesa that Braun won the National League MVP and not the American.

The Blitz showed 2 years ago that WFAN did, in fact, have audio archives back in 2001. We also have a copy of the Anti-Defamation League's e-mail to us regarding the allegations. All of the back-and-forth between Mush and Mike is summed up here and in the audio below. Enjoy.

You be the judge. h/t DickYoungsGhost

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